eWaste Recycling Solutions, LLC

The Process

eWaste Recycling Solutions is certified to collect and handle electronics material recycled by Maine consumers, schools and small businesses. We work with municipalities  to receive and organize items and bring them to our facility. There, we sort items into two groups-one for disassembly and another for buyers of of recycled materials, with almost everything going back into a manufacturing cycles for new electronic products with plastics and metals. 

eWaste works with organizations domestically and globally to utilize every piece of material recycled. We inventory every device received and processed, and report it to the Maine DEP. As we are committed to following sustainable practices, we seek out partners that strictly follow state. federal, and global environmental standards for recycling.

In 2011, eWaste received the first approval granted but the state of Maine for processing CRT glass. This has enabled us to invest in equipment to further de-manufacture CRTs and move them into markets where they will be processed into materials of new products. We have established safe procedures for handling leaded glass that follows R2/RIOS industry standards.

Since the Maine's e-waste recycling program launched in 2006, it has been regarded as a model for other states looking for ways to keep consumer electronic devices out of landfills. In 2011, recognizing that schools and small businesses were faced with similar challenges for discarding outdated electronics, Maine expanded its program to provide them with an avenue to recycle inexpensively and responsibly.

The Maine e-waste program is largely funded by electronic manufacturers, making it a privatized, rather than tax payer, driven program. Consumers get convenient and inexpensive means to recycle potentially hazardous materials, manufacturers are incentivized to utilize efficient and sustainable materials, and municipalities are able to divert significant waste streams away from landfills and back into productions, saving tax payers money and keeping the Maine environment, that we all value cleaner and safer. 

eWaste Recycling Solutions is proud to be a "green" business and is committed to the principles of responsible electronic recycling.