eWaste Recycling Solutions, LLC

eWaste Recycling Solutions is based in Lewiston, Maine, conveniently located to points north and south from the Maine Turnpike

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eWaste Recycling Solutions, LLC.                      eWaste Recycling Solutions, LLC.   

P.O. Box 1023                                                                75 Westminster Street                     

Auburn, ME 04211                                                    Lewiston, ME 04240

Maine Municipalities/Businesses; Transportation & Logistics

Dean Smith: email: smith@ewastemaine.com  Phone: (207) 841-2025

Material Sales/Operations Manager

David Dumas: email: david@ewastemaine.com  Phone: (207) 841-3640

De-manufacturing; NH/VT/Southern New England

Rick Dumas: email: dumas@ewastemaine.com   Phone: (207) 312-5700

Collection Events and Administrative Questions 

Hannah Farling: email: hannah@ewastemaine.com   Phone: (207) 312-5700

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