Maine's green standard for electronics recycling.

Maine's green standard for electronics recycling

As a long-standing approved consolidator participating in Maine's Extended Producer Responsibility Program for Ewaste Recycling, eWaste Recycling Solutions is your trusted partner for safe recycling of electronics, including destrction of your discarded hard drives. If you are looking for efficient, eco-friendly recycling solutions—whether for your community, school organization or small business—ERS will create a plan that works for you.

eWaste Recycling Solutions is R2/RIOS certified, which means it has been audited that it follows strict industry standards and utilizes only responsible recycling practices. When you work with ERS to recycle your electronics waste you are assured that it is handled in an environmentally safe and sound manner.

Consumers/Community. ERS works with local municipalities and transfer stations to provide safe, inexpensive and convenient options for recycling your electronics devices.

Small Businesses/Schools. The Maine ewaste recycling program expanded in 2011 to include Maine schools and businesses and non-profits with fewer than 100 employees. ERS will partner with your organization to recycle your old electronics, including hard drive shredding, as well as help with your other universal waste.

Consolidators. ERS is an ME DEP approved processor of CRTs. We can offer you solutions to safely dissassemble recycled CRTs and move them into the appropriate downstreams.

Learn more about what we do at eWaste Recycling Solutions in this
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